Data Rabbit
A flow-based Clojure(script) canvas playground for data exploration, visualization, & learning. "A system built for seeing".

Hello Alice...

Note: Docs are very much a work in progress. Please sign up for updates.
  • Download Alpha4 JAR .zip or .rar or .tar.gz

  • Unpack via whatever archive tool needed (unzip, tar, unrar, etc).

  •   cd data-rabbit-a4

  •   java -jar data-rabbit-ALPHA4-standalone.jar

  • While this documentation site is still getting fleshed out, feel free to check out the videos below where I go over much of the app. Also, the YouTube Shorts videos, while currently a bit cringe, are a good quick resource for the basic controls and UI.


Launch Overview Video (using the cljs-only version)

Basic overview of the application and interface. Done using the "cljs-only" version that you can play with online here. (I highly recommend that you watch the first few Shorts about the keyboard commands and UI before jumping in cold, though)


Data Viz - A "No Code" Intro to Rabbit Dashboarding for non-Clojure peeps

A walk-through using the self-hosted Rabbit of connecting to a SQL database, getting some data, visualizing it, and creating a quick composition with those components. No* Clojure knowledge needed! :)

Server-side - using Rabbit as a Clojure nREPL Client

Using Rabbit as an nREPL client for several external REPLs with various libraries. Shows how the synchronicity between front-end and back-end execution can be very handy in a REPL environment.